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Numéro Siret  909 205 999 00016

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Siret  909 205 999 00016

Association de droit local

Association law 1908

Within the framework of the implementation of its campaign against malaria, the Association for the Health of the Mother and Child of Campo in Cameroon (ASMEC), the Medical Center of Campo (Cameroon), the Town Hall of Campo (Cameroon), the local populations of Campo (Cameroon), in partnership with Strasbourg City Hall, unite to say STOP to the anopheles mosquito, the main vector of the transmission of Malaria.

One piece of information can hide another, one pandemic can hide another. The covid19 pandemic should not make us decrease our guard. AIDS is still with us, let's protect ourselves. Let's protect in priority the most vulnerable mothers and children who do not benefit from information, awaraness, prevention, education and curative care.  


             December1st, #togetheragainstaids

Breast cancer, what about the most deprived wemen, mothers for having acces to information, awarness, eduction ;

Because caring is also informing, raising awarness, close cooperation with the Health Medical Center of Campo, Dr Elmva.

Breast cancer 


is What ?

Who is concerned ? 

Where is it localized ?

How to detect ?

When to consult ?

Still in the phase of its genesis, ASMEC executive officer represented by its President in Campo (Cameroon).

On the agenda: Introducting ASMEC Association to the local authorities, creating aand legalizing ASMEC antenna.

Meeting with the chief Medical officer in order to have a current situational analysis of the dispensary and identify the needs of the communities targeted.


Have you heard about Campo in Cameroon?


Campo is a coastal commune of Cameroon (Central Africa). Campo is located in the South region and the edges of Atlantic Ocean, near the border with Equatorial Guinea.


      15 000 inhabitants


       local ethnic groups

Mvaé, Pygmies, Mabea, Iyassa

Because no one can remain insensitive to the hardships faced by many women throughout the world, especially in terms of healthcare quality of the most deprived. We truly thank our generous donors.