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Numéro Siret  909 205 999 00016

ASMEC est membre

Association de droit local

Target zero malaria in Campo Cameroon, project in partenership with the Hall City of Strasbourg (France)


  • The executive commettee has 7 members. All members founding  creators of the association an signatories of statutes.


  • The general assembly meets once a year, at 20th of September and whenever it is convened by its president or its members.


  • Active members take an active part in the life of the association, they have the right to vote and can run for office if they have been members for more than 1 year.


  • Honorary members are those who have rendered services to the association. They are elected by the ordinary general assembly on the proposal of the management. They are exempt from paying membership fees. They have a deliberative vote.


  •  Sponsoring members provide financial, material and moral support to the association. They have an advisory vote.


  •  The user or passive members join the association in order to participate in an activity proposed by the association, without committing themselves to support its project.




Campo Cameroon



For any membership, a request must be addressed to the members of the executive commettee. Membership is free of charge.

Becoming a member of an association is an important act. Joining an association is a voluntary and free act that must be done with full conscience.


Joining ASMEC means fighting together for the cause that we hold dear, involving yourself in its actions, participate  and contribute to the activities related to the association.


Our fight is to give pregnant women, mothers and the poorest children of the town of Campo in Cameroon, the possibility of having access to medical care.

Throughout our values of integrity, honesty  we are committed to transparency in all our actions.

Dr. Elemva Nkumba Arthur physician at the Medical Center of Campo Cameroon, directing the training of health auxiliaries

Improving the life conditions of the most deprives is our pririty