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In order to make ASMEC official with the Cameroonian Administration, the executive committee of ASMEC, represented by its President went to Campo in Cameroon on the agenda :

- Presenting the association to the local authority, 

- Creating and legalizing the ASMEC CAMEROON branch,

- Meeting with the head doctor of the dispensary in order to get an update on the situation of the dispensary, identify the needs of the populations targeted and the real needs of the health professionals in order to prioritize our future actions.


And the needs are important

ASMEC est membre

Association de droit local

"We are already working in this direction, allowing to the most disavantaged to have free care; especially in terms of maternal and child health. But there is still left to be done," said the head doctor of the Campo dispensary Dr Edzamba Michel. 


The dispensary is cruelly lacking in everything, equipment, medical material, medical furniture. These difficulties make the work of health professionals difficult, and limit their ability to diagnose diseases such as trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness), tuberculosis, malaria, HIV and hepatitis. Diseases witch are still very active in the locality.


Our wish is to give the dispensary as a priority,  effective means to improve the medical care of these populations.

Due to the lack of equipments in the dispensary and of medical follow-up, in addition to the remoteness areas in where live some   populations, is far from the dispensary site, wich is the factor of medical desert of women.


Indeed, most of women do not go to the doctor anymore, neither for an obstetrical or prenatal follow-up, nor for a delivery. They prefer  resorting to dubious and archaic care practices that came put the life of the mother and child in danger.

Births go undeclared, many children are not registre and grow up without identity.

Abortions are practiced clandestinely without any medical follow-up, which is not without consequences.

The maternity clinic has not been functional for several years.









The road to Campo (Cameroon) in the rain season